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Regulations of Internal Regime

1. Accordig to Artº 13 of Decree 47/2004, de 10th of February, of Hotel Establishments, OFFICIAL GAZETTE OF THE ANDALUSIAN REGINAL GOVERNMENT Nr. 42, of 2nd of March of 2004, the establishment has the following Regulations of Internal Regime that will be legally binding for the clients of the establishment.

Article 13 of Decree 47/2004 stipulates:

a. -The hotel establishment will be able to have a Regulations of Internal Regime where legally binding rules will be stated for the users during the say.

b.-Regulations of Internal Regime will specify at least, the conditions of admission, the coexistence and working rules, as well as those things that allow and help the normal enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services.

c. -The owners or employees of the hotel establishtment will be able to askm the police to help them throw out those guests that break the regulations or try to stay in the establishment with a different purpose to the normal use of the establishment service, just as stipulated in Artº 33.2 of the Tourism Law.

2. It is compulsory for all the guests to present their identity card at the moment of being admitted in the establishment.

3. Before the admission, guests have to sign a registration card. In this paper, it is stated the name of the establishment, its category, and its registration number. It is also stated the number or identification of the accommodation unit, number of people who are going to occupy it, arrival and departure dates and the daily rate. The registration card will be kept by the establishment.

4. It is guests’ obligation to pay for the services that have been contracted at the very moment that the bills are presented.

5. The establishment will be able to ask for a previous guarantee of payment by any of these means: credit card, transference, etc. This guarantee will cover both all the services contracted by the reservation and the extra charges. The deposit will not be refounded outside the cancellation period for the reservation, or if the cancellation is made on the same day of the arrival.

6. The stay begins at 12:00 on arrival day and finishes at 12:00 on departure day. In high season, the availability of the units of accommodation can be delayed untill 14:00 hour. Without previous agreement, no extension for the check out time will be admitted.

7. It is not allowed the stay of two people in those double rooms that have been contracted as single rooms. In that case, guests will have to pay the normal rate for double rooms. Visits to the rooms are not permitted by those who are not residents to the hotel. Can not accommodate people not registered nor the number of people in each room may be greater than the capacity assigned by the company. Children under 18 years of age who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is responsible for them can not be accommodated.

8. Rooms will be cleaned from 10:00 or 11:00 to 14:00 hour. If you need towels to be changed leave them inside the bathtub. The staff of the establishment will have free access to the rooms occupied by the clients within the exercise of their functions.

9. It is forbidden to smoke in all the establishment, except in open areas.

10. Animals are not allowed in the establishment without a specific authorization, with the exception of guide dogs, in accordance with the Law 5/1998, of 23rd of November, relating to the use of guide dogs by people with visual dysfunction in Andalusia.

11. For those services offered both to clients and to the general public, the access and/or stay will be restricted in the following cases:

a) When the maximum capacity has been completed with the users who are in the establishment or building.

b) When the closing hour of the establishment has been surpassed.

c) When the user has not the minimum age to enter the establishment, according to the current legislation.

d) When it is necessary to pay for a ticket in order to enter into the establishment, and the user has not paid for it.

e) When the users show a violent attitude, specially, when they behave in an aggressive way or they cause arguments, originate situations of danger or annoyances to other users.

f) When the users do not have the minimum conditions of hygiene.

g) When the users carry weapons and objects susceptible to be used as weapons, unless they are members of the police, armed forces or security forces, or they are escorts for privates companies, and they enter the establishment in the course of their duties; in accordance with the current and specific legislation.

h) When the users consume drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or they show symptoms of having consumed them, and those that show an evident behaviour of being drunk. Also it will be a cause of expulsion to cause flaws to the facilities, scandal or rowdiness, specially if other users are disturbed.

12. In all these cases, the establishment will be able to recurr to the Police for help.

13. Nevertheless, in the above mentioned cases, the clients will have to pay all the bills that have been generated until the moment of the prohibition of access or stay in the establishment.

14. Lost property policy. Lost property left in rooms will be kept for custody for a period of two months, longer than that, items will be at the Management disposal. Underwear, items for personal hygiene, food or beberage will not be included between property for custody.


• Watch and control your luggage. Please, do not leave it unattended.

• Keep the door closed when you should be in your room.

• Close the door every time you leave, and try to open it in order to make sure that it is correctly closed, even though your absence should be for a short time only.

• Close your luggage when you do not use it and put it in your closet. If the luggage has a security lock, use it at all times.

• Never leave jewellery, money or valuables in your room. .

• Notify immediately Management of any abnormal occurrences such as: suspicious-looking persons along the corridor, repeated telephone calls from unknown people, unknown people knocking on your room door, or not finding anybody when you open it.

• Protect the key of your room. Do not leave it on the counter of reception, always give it back to the receptionist when you leave the establishment. Do never show your key in public places.

• If you forget or lose your key, only the reception personnel is authorized to facilitate you a new key to open your room.

• The safety norms forbid the use of any electrical machine susceptible to cause a fire in the rooms of the establishment. If you need an iron please, ask the receptionist, we will provide you one plus the iron board and we will remove it when you don't need it.

• Please do not feel bothered if you are asked to identify yourself at reception. It is for your security.

• When you establish social relations with unknown people, do not reveal the name of the establishment or the number of your room.

• Never allow the maintenance personnel to enter your room without having required it or without having been authorized by the Management of the establishment.

• Never allow people to enter your room with deliveries that have not been asked for.

• Never discuss specific plans of future excursions, etc., in public or with strangers.

• In case of wishing your room to be done, please, hang the warning: "Please, clean the room ", on the door of your room. If you wish not to be disturbed , please, hang the warning: "Please, do not disturb".

• Do not hang clothes on the railing of the terrace. Do not use ropes or cords to hang clothes in the terrace.

• If you discover some type of deterioration, damage or anomaly, please, inform the reception personnel of it.

• The electrical system of your room is of 220 Volts.

• Respect the room area during the night and the siesta time, and in general, avoid making noise unnecessarily.

• Please, use the facilities suitably, respecting the furniture and the gardens of the establishment.

• Please, respect the schedules of all the facilities and services of the establishment.

• We thank you for your participation in case that during your stay in the establishment, there were some disaster or evacuation practices.

• Some schedules can be changed according to the season.

Guests’ personal data can be incorporated to our files only for management. Guests will be able to access them at any time for their rectification, modification or total or partial cancellation just by asking for it by any means to the establishment; customers data will be transferred to public institutions in accordance with current laws.